Best Time to Book Flights

How to Get the Best Deals on Flights

So when is the Best Time to Book Flights. Ever wondered when you should be booking you flights to get the best deals.

Knowing when to book flights so you have the greatest chance of saving money is not just a chance opportunity.

If you are intending to fly within the U.S.A. you should aim to book 3 to 6 weeks ahead of your departure. If are planning a trip to Europe planning ahead can save you lots if you book 8 to 10 months ahead.

If you fancy taking in some Caribbean sun flights are generally cheaper 2 to 3 weeks out and for flights to central America you should find the lowest prices about a month before your proposed departure

Now that you know when you you should look to book give consideration to the day of the week that you intend to travel. Travelling over weekends is often most expensive but surprisingly it’s often cheaper to book on the weekend.

Departing on a Tuesday or Wednesday is likely to save you money as can planning your return for Monday.

We hope you find the following infographic useful and hope that it helps you to save money on your flights – thanks to BuzzFeed for this informative infographic.


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